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Hey there guys! Happy (late) Halloween! How are you? 

 I've been in high school for 2 months now, and i already feel like it's been much more. In meantime we had time to go to excursion to Slovenia, we were there for 3 days and it was really amazing, nice surprise (i thought that Slovenia isn't really interesting) and cut class. We got quite close, and i personally started off great. Most of teachers like me, which is important (first impression is something that is always important to humans, something i learnt quite easily since i'm like that too). And test period is getting to its end so i feel much more relaxed now. My only problem is guess what, math! And not cause i don't get it but because i don't know basic things (for example i wrote that 2 halfs are 2 whole pieces). 

 Also, Slovenia was really great experience. I got closer to my friends form class and made friends with few people from other classes, and i got to see many new places and learn new things. At first i really didn't know what am i supposed to do for 3 days in country like Slovenia (at least in way dad described it) but it was beautiful and i was never bored. 

 On other note, yesterday i went to see part of my family at our house in village. They live in Switzerland and so we don't get to see them very often, so we took chance now that we're all in Serbia to see each other. At first i thought it'll be boring but actually it turned out really nice. I played with my younger cousins (they are around 9 years old), and i believe i didn't play so much even when i was a kid. I had a lot of fun in overall and i was really happy to see them again, specially since there's this little girl that i didn't see in like 3 years, when we went to Switzerland (she doesn't even remember we were there, so there you go about how long ago it was). 

 Now, lately i've been avoiding to write about anime that i watched or manga i read (idk how successful i was), cause i really don't think you guys are interested to hear that. But i really need to get Pandora Hearts off of my chest, specially now that it's nearing its end. And before i start i'll warn you: SPOILERS AHEAD, if you plan on reading manga or didn't get to latest chapter then it's better if you don't read this, which you should cause it's amazing, also if you're not interested simply skip this.
So i watched anime at end of last year, read some spoilers on Wiki and left it be, but at the end of summer break i was really bored and decided to give manga a try. And it was one of the worst mistakes i ever made. Not cause manga is bad, but because it's totally opposite and it got me addicted. At first it's classical main trio (two guys and one girl, just like in every anime) and main character (one of guys) going to do something, in this case find out truth about what really happened at Sablier 100 years ago. And elements of Alice in Wonderland are added to it (such as names of many chains and main girl, Alice). But what kept me in it were so many questions, too many, i wanted answered. And further i got manga became deeper, so every character became important, even dead ones! And character depth and development is amazing too. Ada, Oz's little sister, is perfect example for that: she doesn't even appear so much, i even forgot abut her few times, but still she goes from classic giggly high school girl to brave smart young woman. And story itself is amazing, there's no character who is completely good or completely bad and they all have reasons for their actions. Eliot is great example of that, he killed his brothers and sister to protect his servant, but he didn't even know about it until he died. And after that we come to plot twists, there were many in short amount of time and they were all huge, but biggest one got me by surprise (even though i knew it was coming), and by that i mean finding out Jack, who we thought was hero, caused the tragedy, and the one who tried to stop it was Oswald, who we thought caused it. After that plot twist i just needed a little break to get all information sorted out. I read most of manga at once (i had like 96 chapters to read without monthly wait to get new chapter). But then i needed to wait, with little spoilers here and there. And during those chapters i cried (i really didn't want Eliot and Break to die, and i really don't know what happened to duke Barma but he seems dead too, though i refuse to believe it) a lot and there were times i couldn't calmly sit on bed and read so i was walking around my room or jumping up and down. Today i found chapter 99 translated on Tumblr (some girl was so nice to translate it and even put pictures of pages so now i don't have to wait for scans to be online). And by now i'm really confused. I don't even know if i want manga to end or not, i know it'll happen soon and part of me is just screaming "END ALREADY I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" but other one is like "NOOOO! DON'T END! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE END YET!". Beside that it was painful to see Oswald die, i kind of hoped he won't and that he'll appear from somewhere like "Hello. Yes i'm actually alive but i just wanted to mess with you all.", and i'm really looking forward to see what will Leo do and what Oz's plan is. And many many more things. All in all, this one was one of saddest chapters to me, not only cause Oswald dies (though mostly cause of that) but also cause i'm finally starting to get feeling that manga really doesn't have much more and that i won't like how it ends. There are muuch more things i'd say about this manga, such as each character and pairing and beautiful clothing, and it's every little bit but i'll stop here. All in all, it was amazing surprise, and i warmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to read.    
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Anya (Anja)
Nationality: Serbian
Gender: Female
Height: You don't wanna know
Weight: You don't wanna know either

Hello there! As you could see above i come from Serbia and i'm female. I'm among the shortest girls in my class, that's why i don't want to talk about my height. As for weight...i just think it's something personal, so i won't share it.
I live simple life, go to school, go home and so in circles. I also trained swimming (and i fail in it, like in everything else). I like to draw, read, write...mostly everything that asks for brain activity. Beside that i enjoy listening to music and watching anime, that relaxes me.
That would mostly be it, if you want to know more about me, talk to me (i'm opened for more online friends since most of those in real life suck).

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