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Hey there! I'm not dead, just lazy!
I do draw, but not as much and it's mostly traditional art and i'm too lazy to post on here. I only just come here to clean up my inbox, maybe add something to my favorites and that's pretty much all. Part of reason is that i mostly come here on my phone, and it's a pain to upload anything from it. 
So in other news...i'm in school newspaper so i got to write 2 page long article on manga (tho i added anime and cosplay to it), and i also have an interview to do. I'm really nervous about that interview and the fact that some force has decided it should keep being postponed isn't helping. But i'm really excited about it as well.
I'll soon be entering the second half of second year in high school, and it feels so normal, even tho just a short while ago i couldn't even imagine getting here. Like when i was primary school the furthest my imagination went was the first day of high school. So yup it's kinda surprising for me in some way. But i'm doing great, and i enjoy most of my time in school so that's great. I also never thought i'd still be reading manga at this age. And here i am crying over almost anything i read. I guess things don't always go the way we imagine they would, i'm truly surprised by my life and how i thought it'd be. But i'm satisfied. And whenever i see most of girls my age i am pretty happy with being different than them (some would even say "weird").  
I had a bf, for like 3 months. And i can't say i regret it, i don't. And it sort of helped me to be more satisfied with myself and my own company, now i have come to peace with the fact i prefer to stay at home than go on a wild night out or something. And i'll hopefully start training fencing soon, cause i really need to let my anger out at times and i think that would help. My writing is...well i did write one chapter of one story. But i have no idea where to go next and what next to do with it. Like i only have that beginning and then end. But i like to write short stories which i use as sort of introductions for my kiddos. It's still on hobby base after all.
On fandoms note: I decided to enter a sort of hiatus, i'm not gonna read or watch anything new until Magi finishes. Tho i will read what i already started. I'm still trying to heal the scars i got from Pandora Hearts, but i'm not doing so well since Donten ni Warau (and Rengoku ni Warau and Donten ni Warau Gaiden along with the original series) got me broken and sobbing. I love that one, and how author made it so heart wrenching and well rounded in only 29 chapters/12 episodes (the original series), and all those "You thought i'm dead? Well i have a surprise for you!" moments got me EVERY time. Tenka's "death" was probably the worst part, i almost dropped it afterwards. And i decided to catch up with Magi cause i heard it entered its final arc a while ago so i sort of hoped it ended. And i have to say i cried even at that one (and i wanted it to cheer me up!). God how much it changed. And characters grew up, one of the things that i love is good character development or at least some depth and Magi certainly has it. I'd still like less Alibaba in these, already short, chapters. Like they still didn't tell us where Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu are (and has Judal found him and are they all together and...and so many questions). But at least we got to see Kouen (i'm so worried for him) and the rest of Kou brothers! And i found out i have a soft spot for those oldest siblings that like to appear strong and be role models for the younger ones but are softies inside. Oh and then there is Vanitas no Carte, new manga by Jun (mangaka that did Paindora Hurts) and i love its style and all (duh) but the long wait and quite a difficulty in acquiring new chapters is sort of pushing me away. I still can't wait for more i mean it's just so beautiful! And then there is RWBY, which i started watching when Volume 2 was coming out cause i was REALLY bored and everyone were talking about it so i said "Meh why not?". And i just made fun of it, i liked the weapons but it was all to much of a "magical girl anime for little girls meets rpg games" kind. I was sort of excited when i saw new characters for Volume 3 and i was excited to see new weapons and fight. Had i known this is how it'd turn out i don't think i'd ever watch it. If you ever came to me on a street and told me i'd be holding my breath while watching RWBY like a year ago i'd tell you you're crazy. Now i' And i love how even animation keeps improving and so does the story. So now i'm excitedly waiting for Volume finale! What i dislike is how we still don't know much about villains, specially main one (Cinder i think...i'm not good with names), and yet they seem to be too op. And i was finally able to fully let go of Hetalia. I still read Kuroshitsuji, but mostly to fill time and for some weird masochistic loyalty i guess. That's all i think. My inner fangirl is so full of feels and yet there is no one to share them with since none of my real friends watch the same shows i do, so we just rent to each other while the other one nods and pats the other ones back.
Ah but my art has improved. I'm actually semi satisfied with it now. Still i really like how my faces look like now, and at times i even draw symmetrical two eyes! Fingers depend on position, they go from tentacles to perfection. I plan to start drawing animals (cartoonish), but never get myself around to do it. I'm not so bad at cats for some reason, tho they look more realistic. 
So that's about it with me. How about you?   


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Anya (Anja)
Nationality: Serbian
Gender: Female
Height: You don't wanna know
Weight: You don't wanna know either

Hello there! As you could see above i come from Serbia and i'm female. I'm among the shortest girls in my class, that's why i don't want to talk about my height. As for weight...i just think it's something personal, so i won't share it.
I live simple life, go to school, go home and so in circles. I also trained swimming (and i fail in it, like in everything else). I like to draw, read, write...mostly everything that asks for brain activity. Beside that i enjoy listening to music and watching anime, that relaxes me.
That would mostly be it, if you want to know more about me, talk to me (i'm opened for more online friends since most of those in real life suck).

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